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Put in an application!

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Hawkeye - Clint Barton

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Nick Fury

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Okay so here is my blog for Natasha! Also THANKS!!!

No problem! c:

Please read the information on the main blog if you haven’t already, and then follow all the characters on the taken list. Looking forward to rp-ing with you! c:

Mod note: Your application is accepted! Welcome to the group! c: Please make a blog for you character then send me a message so I can add you to the follow list.

My name is Dedra

My timezone is:(GMT -6:00 Hours) US & Canada Central Time.

I would love to play Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

I’m much more of a new fan to the Avengers world, but I have a serious level of affection for Natasha. She’s a master spy, trained in controlling her emotions and slipping into different identities. In a slight way I can understand. I’m an actor and while I don’t share her more unique talents, or ability to kill, I understand the hiding your self from the outside world, wearing a mask that who want people to see.

I’m also incredibly intrigued by her back story and life. What it is that makes Natasha who she is. I’d love the chance to explore her character.

My sample:

I look into his eyes, the barrel of my gun pressed into the flesh of his forehead. The sharp point of his arrow grazes against my left leg. In his eyes I see emotions that betray his calm nature.

Neither of us move, my eyes narrow as I press my weapon harder between his eyes. It seems like years before I feel movement. My finger itches for the trigger as I hear a loud clatter at my feet.

My eyes dart to the floor as I see his bow lying forgotten between us. A lone arrow still set against the smooth curve of the bow. My boot connects , I send the weapon flying across the floor with a loud clatter.

My hand tightens on my pistol and I feel him move. His body gives out as her rolls back onto the ground, eyes unmoving from mine. He makes not a sound, his breathing is steady.

My own breathing is still ragged from the fight, my heartbeat pounding in my ears. I can still smell the sharp, metallic scent of blood around me. Still I make no other move. I don’t know what it is about this man. I’ve never had hesitation to kill before. Instead my mouth moves, forming words of it’s own accord. So soft, that I even barely hear I mutter only three words.


If accepted I wanted to make a clean blog for her so I didn’t lose anything of her’s in my normal blog. I can give you the url in that case.